A question we are regularly asked by many businesses who are looking for a website is “which is better, Wix or WordPress”?And every time we can confidently answer this with WordPress all the way.

In a previous article we discussed ‘why we use WordPress at Lucid Digital’ and why that is our first choice for a CMS platform. However in this article we wanted to explore a common question that we hear from businesses regularly, “which is better, WordPress or Wix?” Wix is a favourable choice among many businesses due to the attractive set up costs and its drag and drop functionality, but it is also a very limiting software. If you are serious about your brand, website and website performance then WordPress is the finer choice. This article intends to set our reasons why.

What is Wix?

Similar to WordPress, Wix is a CMS (content management system) allowing users to quite simply edit their website content. No one hard codes websites anymore, it’s an incredibly dated and unnecessary way to build websites. Anyone should be able to edit their content freely and easily on their website without having to turn to a developer for help. Wix exploded into the market with their attractive advertising campaigns showing every man and his dog that they too can feel like a web developer by simply dragging and dropping the content they want onto the page and editing it there and then.

Pros and Cons of using Wix


  • Easy to use
  • Low cost


  • Not as good as other platforms for search engine performance
  • Not flexible
  • Not purpose designed or built for individuals

For many businesses with a very low budget, Wix can be an ideal website solution. Particularly popular for its drag and drop editing system. It literally couldn’t be easier, you just simply select your content, drag and drop where you want it to go and then click to type your text or add an image. But, with this great flexibility comes even greater restrictions.

The reason Wix is so simple to use is because it’s a pre-built off-the-shelf website, you choose your templates and then set your content to it. You can’t change the layout and structure but most importantly, you can’t build upon it. Should you ever want to upgrade to a different solution, this would be tricky as a Wix solution is a pay monthly plan that you are tied into.

Furthermore, there are fundamental tools that are needed within your site in order to optimise it fully for search engines that Wix cannot offer. For example, you can’t access or customise your sitemap and the URL structure is less than favourable for search engines as Wix adds a short script to all blog post URLs.

If you want to think more seriously about performance and brand representation, Wix is not the solution for you. Also, it’s vital to consider the appearance of the website, a pre-built theme has had no input from your unique brand values and business ethos – it could be a website plucked from the shelf for anyone, not bespoke to your needs.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place in the market for easy website builders such as Wix, as there is. If you’re a small business with a very low budget then this could be the solution for you. Sometimes this can be a great start just to get your business off the ground.

Should I upgrade from Wix to WordPress?

Several business approach us with a Wix website wanting upgrade to a bespoke WordPress solution. They’ve been using Wix for a while and finding that although it was a good start to having an online presence, the website isn’t making money or generating enquiries.

A bespoke built WordPress website is a good investment as it can be a tool that you can use to work for you to promote your business. It can be a work in progress that you can build upon for years to come with new functionality, plus it’s simple to maintain and manage.

If you were to look online for online comparisons the information out there suggests that WordPress requires some programming knowledge, or at least some sort of advanced knowledge of using websites which just isn’t the case. If your website has been built well, with usability in mind for both administrators and front end users, then your content management system should be simple for you to administer.

If you’re in the process of deciding between using Wix or WordPress and not sure which route is the best for you, then get in touch and we’d be happy to advise. Likewise if you have a Wix website and are considering upgrading to WordPress then we’d love to help. We consult with our clients to establish their objectives for the website, how they want the site to work for them and produce websites that represent brand values, ethos and what sets them aside from the competition in the market.

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