Firstly, what does this post have to do with website design? Well nothing, really! However,
as website designers we spend a lot of time sitting at our computers designing and building websites so we get to listen to a lot of music. Music is a huge part of our work and what we do and so this post is just a little shout out to a great gig we went to recently.

As much we love making up Spotify playlists and sharing music between the team, nothing beats going out and enjoying live music in your own city. And being based in Southampton means we’re super lucky as Southampton is home to several awesome music venues such as The Joiners, Engine Rooms, O2 Guildhall Southampton and many more.

Recently we got out and about to see Aussie surf punk band Skegss play at The Loft in Southampton. The show was great; all our favourite tunes were played and plenty of beer was drunk! If you haven’t heard of the band yet, check them out here on Spotify, they truly are a feel-good summer sound.

If you’re really busy and spending hours in the office, try and take a break and get out to see some live music in your city. Support your local music venues and most importantly, have a good time!

Written by Lucid Digital in Blog