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Strive website design and build mock up

The design of your website is not just about looking good, a website for any business is the cornerstone of all marketing activities and communication, therefore it is essential to get this right.

Whether it is handing out a business card, sharing a link on social media or even just word of mouth – all of these avenues will lead your customers to one place, the website.

Audio mastering Wordpress website

Great website design? – it’s all in the planning and research.

Make that planning, research and more research!

We go through a series of project stages ‘sprints’, to ensure that the website design and build we create for you is not only right for you and your business, but is right for your audiences – the customers that you want to be using your website.

All of the projects we deliver are carefully planned and executed to tick all of these boxes. The websites we design and build are created to talk directly to their intended audiences to gain traffic and drive enquiries.

Usability is essential and we make sure that UX requirements are at the forefront of everything we do.

Ground workers website build for a construction company based in Portsmouth

Performance is key! Website design that looks good and works.

Having a website that has the ability to perform well in search engines is paramount. You could have the best looking website in the world – but if no one ever finds it then it will not gain the return of investment your business needs.

Every website we design at Lucid Digital is factored around the ultimate goal of being able to deliver results. Our websites are designed and built using the best SEO practices giving you a powerful marketing tool that will promote your services and offerings, whilst raising your overall brand profile.

From the initial consultancy and research stages to the final tweaks and checks before launching, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with the outcome.

Begin your project with us.