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Your website is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to reach your target audience. SEO is a proven, successful way to increase traffic to your website, improve rankings and generate leads.

Our SEO services are bespoke to the individual needs and objectives of each of our clients, there’s no “one size fits all” with SEO.

SEO Audit Report

SEO Audit.

Before we can carry out any SEO services or devise an SEO strategy, we carry out a thorough manual audit of your website to see how well it is currently performing and what improvements are needed. These findings are provided as a detailed report in priority order of the most urgent fixes – what is  affecting your website’s performance the most. We look at things such as site speed, meta data, structure and performance.

Keyword Research.

One of the most important aspects of SEO is knowing what your audience is searching for. Understanding the terms that your customers use is vital for SEO so content can be tailored to target these keywords.

We look at the keywords searchers use plus the amount of search volume there is for these terms – how many people are searching for this each month. Ranking for a keyword that no one ever searches for will not be any benefit to you.

Most often, your audience won’t know what they’re searching for, so they won’t  search for a specific product unless they know what it is. Your audience will search based on what their problem is, your product or service is the solution. Therefore your content needs to be able to target the problem based searches.

As part of Keyword Research we look into who your online competition is. Having insight into your competition’s strengths and weaknesses will aid your SEO strategy.

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Content Strategy

Search engines love content – simple. Good quality, relevant and consistent content is the key to encouraging search engines to offer your website above your competitors in the search engine results.

Gone are the days of black-hat SEO techniques of buying masses of back-links and trying to ‘cheat’ the system. In today’s world of SEO you just need to ensure that you website is delivering a positive experience for your visitors when they land on your website. Quite simply, making sure that you provide the best possible answer to your customers’ search queries. Try to be as ‘human’ as possible. You’re not writing for robots, you’re writing for real people.

Of course, back-links (other websites linking to your website) is still a big ranking factor, but these need to be quality and relevant links, from reliable sources – not tons of spammy links.

Creating content that others want to share and guest blogging will help in generating more links to your website.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the work carried out on your website (on-site SEO) to help search engines crawl and index your website and to overall improve the website performance and thus experience for your users.

Typical monthly activities could include identifying and fixing broken links (404 errors), implementing schema markup, adding and improving meta data, improving site speed and so on.


Being able to track and monitor how well the campaign is doing is key, I.E – Is traffic increasing? How well is the website ranking? These are all questions that should be easily answered with any SEO campaign with solid data.

At Lucid, we provide regular reporting for our clients to show what is working well and identify where adjustments can be made for further success.

Talk to us about improving your websites SEO visibility and start climbing up the search rankings.