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What is a brand? A brand is so much more than just a logo, a brand is everything associated with your business and how your business represents itself. It is how you answer the phone, it is your website, your business card or uniform, your entire reputation and identity.

We will work closely with you to understand your audiences, your ethos and values and create a brand identity that will represent you in the best way possible and in a way that your audiences can relate to and understand.

Having a strong brand in place will add value and credibility to your business as well as allowing your audiences to connect with you and trust to use you again as well as recommend you to others.

Brand guidelines

Brand Guidelines

Having the right brand identity in place is one thing, maintaining and adhering to that brand is another. A simple set of brand guidelines can help you, and anyone working with your brand, to ensure that your brand is not becoming diluted and weakened over time. Slight changes to the logo or any straplines over time can be damaging to your brand – consistency is key.

Brand guidelines can stipulate use of logo, size and position etc, fonts and exact colours as well as guidance for use of your strapline placement and use on various mediums.

Brand elements

Brand Elements

Once you have your brand identity, it is important to apply this consistently across your marketing communications. Lucid Digital can help with creating business cards, general stationery such as letterheads and compliment slips and also materials such as social media banners.

At Lucid Digital we have great experience in creating brands from scratch for new startups as well as re-branding for established companies.

We follow a process that is tried and tested and proven to be successful when we plan and execute any new project.

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