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Monitor showing website for Sam Neill Research

Project Overview

At Lucid Digital there is no project too big and no site too small for us. Just take a look at our recent work with Sam Neill Research where we were tasked with creating a super simple micro-website in record quick time as the deadline was only days away.

Sam Neill Research is a specialist market research company who came to us looking to have a small website created ready for a presentation.

The main objective of the website was very straight forward as they previously had no web presence and so needed somewhere primarily to direct visitors following the business’s presentation.

The most important area of the site was the Privacy Policy. With the recent changes to GDPR and being a market research company there were several things that needed to be clearly accessible for users when undertaking market research services.

The key requirements for this project were simplicity – it had to be very easy to navigate, the design needed to be minimalist and the service from us at Lucid had to be efficient. The project had a very tight deadline but we knew we could easily achieve this. If we feel we can’t take on a project or a deadline is too tight then we will say, we will never compromise quality. Quality is paramount in all that we do.

Our approach.

Firstly, we spent some time looking into colour palettes and image styles. Sam Neill Research did not previously have any sort of brand identity other than a logo with a very basic font. We took this and built on it by introducing a set palette of colours to work with and chose images that suited this style.

The images had to be very generic and not focused on people or places, therefore we opted for a more abstract style so as this could easily be changed in the future when a more strategic brand exercise is carried out. We wanted to create a style that could be evolved in the future without Sam Neill having to start all over again.

We delivered a custom designed and built, quality micro-website within a week. A site that Sam Neill Research can use to direct their prospective and existing customers and be proud of.

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