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Project Overview

Heritage Insurance are a group of specialists with over 12 years experience in providing business insurance services.

Heritage Insurance came to us looking for an entirely new website to be designed and built. They had previously had a website that was no longer fit for purpose and so we needed to create something from scratch.

The brief for the website was that clearly it displayed the services on offer whilst also giving visitors the option of completing a short quote form. The website needed to be easy to navigate and simple for users to get in touch.

Our Approach

We looked for an image style that was very much nature based, we wanted to reinforce the message of ‘peace of mind’ within the design, which is exactly what Heritage Insurance services offer – peace of mind. The images are therefore very tranquil and soft whilst also quite minimal – in-keeping with the design which is free of clutter.

We created a sitemap for the pages which proposed a hierarchy of pages reflective of the priority of services, the main key service areas being easily accessible straight from the main menu.

It was important that the website content could easily be updated at any time by our client and so we ensured (as we do with all sites that we build) that we built this in a way that the CMS was very user friendly and intuitive for our clients to be able to login and freely make their updates as and when they please without needing any sort of design or coding skills.


The website delivered for Heritage Insurances is attractive, functional and meets all objectives set out within the initial brief. Furthermore, it has plenty of potential for future growth and development as the business grows.