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Dynamics Physiotherapy is a Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic based in Totton, Southampton.

As an already established brand and business, Dynamics already had a website that they had been using for a couple of years but it was not functioning as well as it should, nor was it performing well enough to drive enquiries and leads. Dynamics therefore approached Lucid Digital looking to overhaul their entire website, the look and feel and the structure.

Satisfied with their current brand and logo, there was very little that needed doing – a simple tidy up of fonts and sharpening of the overall logo so that it was high resolution for both print and digital mediums was all it needed.

Our Approach.

Our first step was to carry out some general research of the current Dynamics brand as well as their competitors, both online and offline.

What was very apparent to us when visiting the Dynamics clinic for ourselves was the warm, friendly and professional atmosphere that their customers are greeted with. It was clear that this message was not being transferred across to the website, the experience when visiting the website was very different and so the overall brand values were being lost.

We then carried out some audience research so we could ensure that the design and structure of the new website was catering for its target market. Previously, the look and feel of the Dynamics website was heavily focused on top athletes and extreme sports however, the clinic in fact treats men, women and children of all ages and sporting abilities. Whether it is gardening, playing football with the kids at the park or snowboarding holidays with your friends – Dynamics have treatments for everyone.

Our audience and brand research showed that the image style needed to be completely reconsidered, we wanted to apply the brand values and ethos into the image choices. The main message we wanted to get across was the outcome of visiting Dynamics. Instead of focusing on the injury or even the treatments, we wanted to shift the attention to a more positive subject which is the activity you can get back to doing after you have received treatment. We put together mood boards with messaging examples and image styles for Dynamics to review before we went ahead with any design concepts.

We also carried out extensive keyword research to aid the general structure of the site. We wanted to see what potential customers were searching for and how much traffic was available for said search terms. This research allowed us to structure the sitemap with core landing pages that would have the best opportunity to attract visitors.

Our Solution.

A bespoke design and build using WordPress CMS as a base platform allows Dynamics to manage their content easily in-house, something they were previously unable to do with their last website which was hardcoded and needed a developer to carry out simple content changes.

We have delivered a website that now appeals to all of the target markets in which Dynamics Physiotherapy wishes to reach. The design is clean, attractive and easy to navigate.

Already optimised for SEO, the tools for ongoing SEO are built into the website so Dynamics can look into ongoing optimisation of the site plus regular content marketing with the website’s blog section.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with Dynamics and feel proud that we have delivered a premium website that will raise the Dynamics brand profile and set them ahead of their competitors online.

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