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Techno record label website development

Our Approach.

We met with the client and discussed their needs and objectives. It was clear that Det Sync were busy people and would be posting lots of updates regularly so we needed to create something that was highly efficient and would work as a reliable tool for them. Following these initial consultations and research Lucid proposed to design and build a website that was in a blogging format.

Our Solution.

Lucid presented Det Sync with a stunning website that looked as good as it functioned. The dashboard was incredibly intuitive and contained several time saving functionalities including a clever blog post system that updated all categories of the website with just one post, saving Det Sync from having to update multiple areas.

Vinyl record sliding out of sleeve

We also built in a residents section which allowed website users quick access to each of the label’s artists and their individual social media profiles.

Lucid then went on to continue producing artwork for flyers and other stationery for Det Sync helping them keep all of their promotional materials on brand.