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How we work.

The way in which we approach a project will be broken down into a series of sprints. This is to ensure that we are covering all of the necessary research and planning stages before we go ahead to build, more importantly we want to work with you every step of the way and so we won’t move forward with the project until we know you’re 100% satisfied with the progress as we go.

Of course every project we work on is bespoke to each client we work with and if you choose to partner with us to create your website, we will provide you with a welcome pack which will detail fully each of the project sprints and include a project timeline, all customised to your project. Here is a general overview of how a project will run.

Project sprints.


Sprint One – Consult, Research, Plan.

Before we can begin building a website or thinking about the aesthetics, we need to consider key factors such as the user journey, content layout, placeholders for imagery and videos etc. and what sort of phrases users are searching for online.

We would begin with an initial meeting to establish who you are, who are the audiences you wish to target, what your brand identity is and your visions and values. All of this initial  research will go towards helping us create your brand and the basic website blueprints.


Sprint two – create.

With your brand at the heart of our planning we create a design concept that reflects who you are as a company but also responds to your audiences’ needs. The right look and feel will make the world of difference to prospective users and so this stage is very carefully considered.


Sprint three – develop.

We build our websites using the latest CSS and HTML5 based within the WordPress platform. Our sites are built so that they are flexible and easily editable for our clients – so you don’t need to start from scratch if something changes.

Everything we build has SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) at the forefront, your website needs to perform just as much as it needs to represent your brand and values.


Sprint four – Populate, test, launch.

We test all of our websites in the latest browser versions to ensure that your users receive the best experience whether they are viewing the site on their Mac, PC, mobile phone or tablet. Nothing leaves our studio without passing our thorough quality assurance sign off procedures.

Once your site is live, then we can support you with hosting and aftercare solutions.


The next step – marketing.

Once your site is live, that’s just the start of it. You need to let your audiences know you’re there. The worldwide web is a big old place and you will likely have a lot of competition. SEO can help you stand out amongst the noise.

Finding out what your customers are searching for then tailoring your content to suit their needs, plus technical onsite and building valuable back links to your website is an ongoing process that helps your website rank in the SERPs (search engine results).

Find out more about SEO.

Timelines and pricing.

Everything we do is entirely tailored to the needs of each client we work with, therefore we don’t have a price list. The costs we give are based upon how long each project will take. We can work with you and discuss what is achievable in the budget that you have. The best thing about the sites we build is that they are incredibly flexible to build upon, we don’t have to start again, so we can work with you on a staged approach as and when budgets suit.

In general, a website project can take around two to three months to deliver depending on the complexity of the site’s functionality. We will discuss with you at the beginning what your timelines are and do everything we can to meet your deadlines.

If you’re considering starting a new project, get in touch and see how we can help.

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