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How much does a website cost?

There are several things to consider when ball parking a figure for a new website build, this article aims to help you think about some of things to consider when planning a new website or upgrading an existing website.

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How to design a website for your audience

If you’re thinking of having a website designed and built for your business, or perhaps a new brand or even rebrand – you need to ensure that you are designing the website (or logo) for the attention of your audience. Your audience is the users that you want to attract to the website.

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Which is better, Wix or WordPress?

Following our recent article where we discussed ‘why we use WordPress at Lucid Digital’ we wanted to explore a common question that we hear from businesses regularly, ‘which is better, WordPress or Wix?’ Wix is a favourable choice among many businesses due to the attractive set up costs and also the drag and drop functionality, but it is also a very limiting software.

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Why do we use WordPress at Lucid Digital?

At Lucid Digital we use the open source CMS (content management system) platform WordPress. In this article we will answer the common question of ‘what is WordPress?’ as well as why we have chosen this platform to build your websites on.

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