If you’re thinking of having a website designed and built for your business, or perhaps a new brand or even rebrand – you need to ensure that you are designing the website (or logo) for the attention of your audience. Your audience is the users that you want to attract to the website.

All too often we hear, “I want my website to look like X”, or “it needs to be Y colour” and “I saw so and so with this font and I love it” but really, it doesn’t matter what you want! (In the nicest possible way). Your favourite colour or your preferred style could be completely unappealing to your desired audience and may end up either putting them off or never gaining their attention at all. This is why we create bespoke solutions and not off-the-shelf packages which several other businesses could also be using.

Who is your audience?

Firstly you need to establish who your audiences are. How? Research. Market research is the best way to establish who your audiences are and what their needs are. You can do this by talking to your existing customer base, running focus groups internally with various members of staff from all different departments, sending out questionnaires using software such as Survey Monkey or Google Forms. You don’t need to spend a lot to carry out this sort of research yourself.

Key questions to think about are, who is likely to visit my website? Will it always be a customer looking to buy something or could it be a person looking for a job perhaps? Or, is it someone just researching and not looking to become a customer? A visitor to your website does not mean a potential customer, but they are still an important visitor so it’s important to understand all of these different types of customers and provide answers to what they could be looking for.

What does your audience want and need?

Once you know who you’re marketing to, you then need to know what you need to say to press the right buttons. Ask important questions such as:

  • who are the competitors,
  • what makes them choose a product or service like yours,
  • what sort of search terms would they use if they were searching online.

Gathering this sort of information can be time consuming, but invaluable to you for future marketing. It is worth investing the time to research your visitors thoroughly to ensure you aren’t putting the wrong messages out there.

Once you have your data, present the information into an easily digestible format such as a report with key headers that summarise who each audience is and what their needs are. This report will be something that you can refer to for years to come whenever you send out any marketing communications.

How can Lucid Digital Help

We can facilitate focus groups with you and your staff, talk to your customers, create and send out questionnaires to any databases you have. We can then create a detailed report with the research feedback and suggestions for your future use.

Get in touch to find out more.

Written by Lucid Digital in Blog