How does your website perform?

Is your website delivering results? Does it perform well in the Search engine results pages (SERPS) or do your customers struggle to find you?  Does your website generate leads that convert?

If you are answering no to any of the above then there could be some underlying issues with your website. Your website ought to be your most valuable marketing tool so if it isn’t performing, then why not? Some things could be obvious, perhaps it isn’t mobile responsive or lacks content, but more often than not there are several factors that can all contribute to a poorly performing website.

We’re offering a free health check for anyone who would like a little more insight to how their site performs. Once we understand what you would like to achieve from your website then a website health check will assess how well your site is meeting these objectives. We can look at the exact keywords that users are searching for as well as how much traffic is available for these terms.

A health check will look at the site’s design, code, structure and usability plus keywords and basic competitor analysis which will create a clear set of goals needed to improve your website’s visibility and performance.

Get started.